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Finally Live Shows! 

We are excited to be playing a looooong way from home. We're all vaccinated and the venues will be taking precautions, too, so mask up and come see us away up north!

Niles Gallery at UK 

We had a blast playing at the John Jacob Niles Center at the University of Kentucky, Carla's alma mater. The panels decorating the room were carved by KY music historian Niles himself!

Alabama Fun! 

Here are a few pictures from our recent show in Alabama. Birmingham sure did make us feel welcome! We were very proud to sing with our daughters, Maizie and Zoey!

Music at Al's! 

We had a big time in spite of the UK loss which meant that we didn't advance to the Final Four! (Yeah, Kentuckians love their basketball!) Here's a nice shot of Zoey and Arlo warming up the crowd!

Rainy Night at The New Vintage 

Although it was a very rainy night AND there was a UK game going on, we had a lovely crowd for our first show at The New Vintage. We were joined by Zoey Raven on fiddles and vocals and guitar, as well as some tasty lead playing by Arlo Barnette. Look for us in Louisville again this summer!

Kentucky Coffee Tree 

We felt SO welcome and there was so much love at our most recent show in Frankfort. Thanks to all our friends who came out, Walt and Mary for hosting, and Fred Keams for adding his amazing flute sounds!

Kentucky Homefront 

We had a blast seeing all the crew of Kentucky Homefront Radio Show again, and getting to visit with our buddy, John Gage. We also had the chance to play an extra set after the taping was over, and it warmed our hearts to see so many of our old fans who had come out to support our first show after so many years! We can't wait to come back to Louisville in January for the show at the New Vintage!

Berea Festival of Traditional Music 

This is the gig that planted the seed for the band reunion---singing with Zoey and Mitch at Berea College in October! (We did "When We Lay the Old Folks in the Ground.")