1. Snowflake
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Carla wrote this lilting family sing-along for the Women's March, and performs it here with daughter Zoey Barrett and Arlo Barnette.


© 2018 Carla Gover

I’m a snowflake, one of a kind
Ain’t nobody else like me
I’m a snowflake, no two alike
Surrounded by diversity
Some people say we’re gonna melt away
They don’t know we’re makin plans
We’re gonna organize and when we open our eyes
We're gonna have ourselves an avalanche

The GOP keeps telling me
They’re gonna make this country great
But a few of them have forgotten about
Separation of church and state
We learned it back in elementary school
It’s not a difficult thing to see
That without it we could all be living inside
Somebody else’s theocracy

I'm a snowflake…

I’ve heard it said that the welfare state
Is the root of all evil today
Those lazy bums need to suck it up
Get out and work for honest pay
But repeating a thing doesn’t make it true
And we all know where the problem lies
When 1% owns more of the wealth
Than everybody else combined

Well the president wants to sell our parks
And eliminate the EPA
Roll back regulations and
Let the corporations have their way
But billionaires need to eat and breathe
Just the same as everyone
And if the crops all die, and the oceans rise
Their money won’t help them none.

There’s one more thing I’d like to say
Just to set the record straight
Religious freedom doesn’t guarantee
Your right to discriminate
I can marry whomever I want
And I’ve got the right to choose
So keep your laws off my body and out of my bed
And I’ll do the same for you

I’m a snowflake...